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Female partners of MSM also most-at-risk

S. Tamang

Blue Diamond Society, HIV/AIDS, Kathmandu, Nepal

Issues: Blue Diamond Society actively working on HIV/AIDS intervention specific to MSM but restricted through boxes of categorization to reach a group maybe more at risk the female partner of MSM. Many cases has been monitored and recorded, in all the cases the root cause has been the social and the cultural factors. They have been forced into a marriage with a girl, forced into sex without condoms for babies and the results many women infected due to the husbands sexual practices with other multiple men. I have picked on one case justifiable for this abstract.
Description: BDS, Nepal has several projects under HIV/AIDS but our hands are tied by the donors since there isn’t much flexibility. Most MSM are either married due to pressure from the society or their families or have girlfriends who believe in the social norms of practicing abstinence. Due to open border between India and Nepal a lot of truck drivers have sex with men and infect their female partners due to lack of knowledge. Mr. Chaudhary forced into a marriage, was infected after having unsafe sex with his boyfriend. But yet due to fear of disclosure had sex with the wife for a baby. Both were tested at BDS’s clinic and now live with HIV/AIDS.
Lessons learned: All MSM projects is South East Asia face this challenge but none has brought it forward in an international forum. This is one of the major factor in increasing infections amongst women. Projects should be designed to tackle this problem. Lot of this marriages are still taking place and this can be a cause to the growing epidemic in SE asian countries.
Next steps: This issue should be lobbied internationally.Donors should be more flexible during programme designing. Present case studies to the major crowd and find ways to design programmes.

Mexico City - AIDS 2008
Abstract no. 2008_CDD0376

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" S. Tamang Female partners of MSM also most-at-risk. : Mexico City - AIDS 2008: Abstract no. CDD0376"

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