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Monitoring and evaluation system of training programme: an enhanced system for regional AIDS training network (RATN)

A.C.W. Ndiritu1, K. Storey2, J.J. Mwesigwa1

1Regional AIDS Training Network, Training, Nairobi, Kenya, 2Regional AIDS Training Network, Network Development, Nairobi, Kenya

Issues: RATN experience indicates that programmes require a strengthened monitoring and evaluation system (M&E) that trucks outcomes for impact at the grassroots. We hereby share a process of the Enhanced RATN Training M&E System, RTMES.
Description: The fist phase included an experts review and critique of the current M&E system which was followed by a piloting and orientation phase of training managers and coordinators through practice sessions using e-templates (MS Access & SPSS). A newly developed operations manual guided the process. The findings were shared through a stakeholder´s dissemination workshop.
Lessons learned: Experts workshop including RATN partners in May 2007 served to determine gaps and to propose a way forward. Setting up a RTMES technical support team streamlined consultation and feedback. Piloting of the RTMES was done through running courses among a quarter of the RATN training partners in 4 out of 10 countries. Both online and offline technical support proved critical in informing review recommendations. Adaptation and alignnment of the existing methods and tools using preliminary analysis of the pilot was complementary. The dissemination workshop of the enhanced M&E system in readiness for roll was appraised by 18/25 (72%) of the RATN training managers and coordinators (9 of whom were female) from nine countries. Documentation and dissemination of the enhanced RTMES is crucial in sharing best practices for tracking progress.
Next steps: A roll out phase for implementation of the RTMES is underway in 2008, aimed at M&E capacity leadership, important for enhancing quality and accountability. RATN will continue to share the lessons learnt with other implementing organizations and recommends involvement of partners in the review of M&E systems as part of the programme cycle for greater impact at the grassroots.

Mexico City - AIDS 2008
Abstract no. 2008_CDE0238

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"A.C.W.Ndiritu, et al. Monitoring and evaluation system of training programme: an enhanced system for regional AIDS training network (RATN) . : Mexico City - AIDS 2008: Abstract no. CDE0238"

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