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Intravenous drug use among street sex workers as a base for HIV prevention planning

Yakovleva A.1, Rusakova M.2, Gurvich I.3, Levina O.1, Bodanovskaya Z.1, Odinikova V.1

1NGO of social projects of populations' well-being, St.Petersburg, Russian Federation, 2St.Petersburg State University, St.Petersburg, Russian Federation, 3Sociological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, St.Petersburg, Russian Federation

Objective: The objective of Behavior Monitoring Study in 2006 in Russian cities St.Petersburg, Orenburg and Irkutsk was to estimate high-risk behavior among street-base sex workers (SW) for planning and future evaluating of HIV preventive programs.
Methods: The target group was women aged 15-49 years old who have provided sexual favors for money, drugs or other goods on the streets within the previous 12 months. The time-location sampling was used. Sample size was in total 1042 (St.Petersburg – 662, Orenburg – 176, Irkutsk – 205).
The statistical analyses included frequencies; mean and median with its value; calculation of indexes; and estimation of log-linear models to make founded recommendation for prevention planning (for SW population totally and for each city).
Results: The mean age of SW was from 22.1 (Orenburg) to 27.3 (St.Petersburg) years old. The number of sexual partners was from 13 (Orenburg) to 20 (Irkutsk) per week, the majority of them – commercial.
Sexual behavior characteristics in tree cities were similar. From 94.3% of SW in Orenburg to 98.9% in St.Petersburg used condoms during the last commercial sex. Regular condom use during commercial sex during previous month was from 80.7% in Orenburg to 95.6% in St.Petersburg.
However, characteristics of intravenous drug use experience was different. In St.Petersburg and Irkutsk the most part of SW used intravenous drugs within the previous 12 months: 87.2% and 82.0% agreeably (more other, drug addiction is the main reason for selling sex). However, the same index in Orenburg was 7.4%.
Conclusions: Intravenous drug use is important reason for planning prevention of sexual HIV transmission. Undoubted, prevention for SW for condom use in St.Petersburg and Irkutsk have to be supported by access to narcological care and treatment. It is necessary to use different ways of information providing in St.Petersburg and Irkutsk from one hand and in Orenburg from other.

Sydney - IAS 2007
Abstract no. 2007_CDC050

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"YakovlevaA., et al. Intravenous drug use among street sex workers as a base for HIV prevention planning. : Sydney - IAS 2007: Abstract no. CDC050"