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How willing are gay men to “cut off” the epidemic? Circumcision among MSM in the Andean region

Presented by Juan Guanira, Peru.

Guanira J.1, Lama J.R.1, Goicochea P.1, Segura P.1, Montoya O.2, Sanchez J.1

1Asocicion Civil Impacta Salud y Educacion, Lima, Peru, 2Fundacion Ecuatoriana Equidad, Guayaquil, Ecuador

Objectives: To evaluate the willingness to participate in a trial of circumcision as a mean to prevent HIV acquisition among high risk men who have sex with men (MSM) in the Andean Region
Methods: A questionnaire about willingness to participate in a circumcision trial was applied during HIV sentinel surveillance among high risk MSM in three cities in Peru and one in Ecuador. Men who referred not knowing their HIV serostatus or not having an HIV test during the previous 12 months were enrolled in the study between February and June 2006. A clinical history and a physical exam were performed during the visit. HIV-1/2 antibodies were screened by means of Determine HIV-1/2 Rapid Test and confirmed by means of Western Blot. Rates of syphilis (RPR >1:1 and MHA-TP+) and early syphilis (RPR>1:16 and MHA-TP+) were computed.
Results: A total of 2048 volunteers were enrolled, median age was 24 years (Q25,Q75=21,30). Overall circumcision rate was 3.7%, larger cities like Lima and Guayaquil have larger rates (5.5% and 4.9% respectively). No significant differences in circumcision rates were found by HIV, Syphilis, Early syphilis or sexual role. Overall, 54.3% of subjects stated they were willing to participate in a circumcision trial. Subjects from Guayaquil (OR:13.74; 95% CI: 9.80-19.28) and Lima (OR:6.46; 95% CI: 4.88-9.02) were more willing. Willingness was higher but not significant among those who tested HIV positive and had an insertive role. Principal fears about participation in such trial were to undergo surgery (45.5%), side effects related to surgery (47.2%) and that the partner would insist to have sex without condoms (43.5%)
Conclusions: High rates of willingness to participate in a circumcision trial, especially in large cities, and low circumcision rates provide an excellent opportunity to implement a circumcision trial in the Andean Region where the HIV epidemic is concentrated in the MSM population.

Sydney - IAS 2007
Abstract no. 2007_WEAC102

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"GuaniraJ., et al. How willing are gay men to “cut off” the epidemic? Circumcision among MSM in the Andean region. Oral abstract session: Sydney - IAS 2007: Abstract no. WEAC102"