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The International AIDS Society (IAS) is the world's leading independent association of HIV professionals, with 14,000 members from 190 countries working at all levels of the global response to AIDS. Our members include researchers from all disciplines, clinicians, public health and community practitioners on the frontlines of the epidemic, as well as policy and programme planners.


The IAS is the custodian of the biennial International AIDS Conference, the paramount gathering of all AIDS stakeholders. These conferences provide a unique forum for the interaction of science, community and leadership, with the goals of presenting new research, promoting dialogue and building consensus to advance the global response to AIDS. The IAS also organizes the highly successful IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention, which focuses on biomedical research, with an emphasis on the timely translation of scientific evidence into policy and practice.

The IAS promotes knowledge and dialogue onsite at the conferences, and takes steps to maintain ongoing learning and dialogue and promotion of an evidence-based response to AIDS. The Journal of the International AIDS Society (JIAS) is a peer-reviewed, primary-source online journal dedicated to the publication and dissemination of vital HIV and AIDS research relevant to developing countries. The IAS is committed to working across the full range of responses to AIDS and works with industry through the IAS Industry Liaison Forum (IAS-ILF). The IAS-ILF aims to accelerate scientifically promising, ethical HIV research in resource-limited settings, with a particular focus on the role and responsibilities of industry as sponsors and supporters of research. The IAS also plays a leading role in policy and advocacy, working to implement effective, evidence-based policies and programmes to enhance the global response to AIDS.

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